It’s actually kind of funny. Your own friends won’t hang out with you so you’ve come and taken mine. Your such a shit wad it’s sad. But congrates on being the asshole you always wanted to grow up to be!

i have a perfect body cause my eyelashes catch my sweat.

-regina spektor



Do you ever think about the fact that the US has created and legitimized a system of institutionalized inequality by funding schools through property taxes?  That basically a child’s education is only as good as the value of the property in their neighborhood.  Funny how education is so often viewed as an equalizing factor when there is nothing equal about it.

I take a lot of education classes and this is something I think about a LOT.




This is how you shed the Disney image.

This looks really good.


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my fitness goal is to not have a double chin while slouching or opening up photobooth





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The day your period is over, like

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Tim Knowles - Tree Drawings (2006)

Artist’s statement:

“A series of drawings produced using drawing implements attached to the tips of tree branches, the wind’s effects on the tree recorded on paper. 

Like signatures each drawing reveals the different qualities and characteristics of each tree.”

Love thiss

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Want to know why tomorrow is so great?Because it is Oregon’s birthday.We can all agree this is worth celebrating.


Want to know why tomorrow is so great?

Because it is Oregon’s birthday.

We can all agree this is worth celebrating.

Coffee is far more than a beverage. It is an invitation to life, disguised as a cup of warm liquid. It’s a trumpet wake-up call or a gentle rousing hand on your shoulder…Coffee is an experience, an offer, a rite of passage, a good excuse to get together.

Nicole Johnson, Fresh Brewed Life  (via godmoves)

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i know that good endings are a false reality, but i have to live in reality everyday. sometimes its nice to escape where happy endings exist.

i could be anywhere and nowhere and i still don’t know that i would be satisfied. this was supposed to be the bigger picture, at least the biggest picture my small mind could create. now that i’m here, there is still a bigger picture, one that im not sure i know anymore. we come all this way only to learn that we are never finished, never fully content. but isn’t that ok? aren’t we supposed to keep looking for a bigger picture? remain in constant motion, moving in a forward directing. right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot…

since we were little we have walked, balancing ourselves on the curb of the sidewalk, only to find ourselves falling in the street. between scraped knees and small bruises, i was your exception. when you shut the rest of the world out and never cared about anything, you cared about me. i knew where your secret door was and we would go into our minds together. we would discuss ideas, future plans, people we loved or wanted to love. i just wish that your secret mind, the one you kept hidden, was still accessible to me. i wish that you would still meet me at the tire swing. i know part of it…most of it, is my fault. i started this and you are ending it, just like you always did in every argument we ever had.

its a tegan and sara-listening-while-writing kind of night.